With rhythmic influences spanning West African music and dance, Classical violin, Jazz, House, Afro-Beat, Hip Hop, Salsa and R&B, New York native Shayshahn MacPherson's artistry has been molded distinctly by Brooklyn. With a conscious blend of culturally diverse elements Shayshahn has forged a cleverly contemporary sound using strings-- pioneering as one of the first Black male contemporary violinist lyricists to hit the New York scene. Critically heralded by sources such as The Washington Times, Shayshahn's artistry has been dubbed "'evocative,' 'infectious,' 'regal,' and 'popularly contemporary.'"

Also known as Phearnone, Shay channels his influences through multiple mediums. With improvisation as his inspiration, he is both lyrically and instrumentally inclined: a rapper/spoken word artist who also spits while playing the violin or piano. Through his company Phearnone Entertainment, Shay houses his ventures as a solo artist, producer and band member (7FN) under one umbrella manifesting the nuanced dimensions of this guy's persona. This ubiquitous cool cat infuses his music with an interesting cadence, unconventionally engages technology, engineers bass like West African drums, and strings both higher and darker mid-range tones like a vocal box; His words coded with sociology, science, the street, history, and then some business.

Shayshahn will be bringing New York to the UK in the 2015 Writing on the Wall Festival, highlighting the drop of his freshman album: 7FN. Performing nationally and internationally, he has been rocking with Brooklyn-based indie bands Planet Ubiquity and Earthman Experience since 2003. Shay's vast repertoire of hallmarks includes collaborations with musical icons Stevie Wonder, Erykah Badu, and feature performances at Carnegie Hall (age 12) and Brooklyn's AfroPunk Music Festival.

With a background in acting (featured in Channing Tatum's film "Fighting"), and known to go beyond performing to develop an ambiance, this Ancient Alien will have you asking where he came from. MacPherson defies stereo-types, traverses genres and transcends classification; A chameleon in his own right helping to bring his socio-cultural lyrical and musical insights to the fore, aiding in new possibilities of the growing arts scene.